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Tempest: A Harmony Unleashed Production is an upcoming fantasy action-comedy miniseries developed by Aaron Montalvo, John Krasinski, and Michael Vogel and produced by Hollowfox Television Productions and Hasbro's eOne Studios for MontalVue. It is the sixth miniseries of The Harmony Unleashed Saga made for streaming, the seventh live-action series overall, and the fourth series on the streaming service.

It takes place before the events of Harmony Unleashed: Between Light and Darkness Part 1 - Celestial Requiem, with connections to the Netflix animated miniseries, Harmony Unleashed Dark.

The series is a hybrid live-action/animated series centered on the character Tempest Shadow, from My Little Pony: The Movie (2017), portrayed by Emily Blunt in both pony and human form on her way to find herself and move on from The Storm King.

Her husband, Krasinski is set to direct the miniseries with Krasinski co-writing alongside Montalvo and Vogel, as well as being an executive producer alongside Adam McKay and Tara Strong. It will be released on MontalVue in May 7, 2021.  The show is rated TV-MA and will release all four episodes at once.




The episodes will all be directed by John Krasinski and written by Krasinski, Montalvo and Vogel.

No. Title Director Writer Release
1 Berry Bad John Krasinski John Krasinski, Aaron Montalvo & Michael Vogel May 7, 2021
2 Had Enough of You, Storm King Michael Vogel
3 Better Friends, Bitter... Idiots John Krasinski
4 Redemption John Krasinski & Michael Vogel