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Harmony Unleashed Presents: Harmony Jaeger - Japan's Best Family Guy (Japanese: (ハーモニーアンリーシュド・サガ外伝: ハーモニーイェーガー: 日本一家族ガイ, Haamoniianriishudo Saga Gaiden: Haamoni Ieegaa: Niponichi Kaizoku Guy) lit. Harmony Unleashed Saga Side Story: Harmony Jaeger: Japan's Best Family Guy) is a Japanese tokusatsu/anime hybrid television drama series set in the Harmony Unleashed Saga universe. It is a joint production between Entertainment One, Toei Company, Bandai Namco Arts and AkaKen (the new Japanese branch for Hollowfox Entertainment amid the former's merger with the latter in order to expand into developing Asian-produced media). Koichi Sakamoto, one of the film's producers and directors will

The series will be taking place in the same universe but as a separate continuity from the western-produced films and shows (although it takes place between Guardians of Equestria: Lasting Resort Parts 3-4 and Between Light and Darkness Part 2), and it focuses on a Japanese family who will have its best kept secret about knowing that a father is Japan's Harmony Jaeger, living in a world where ponies and humans coexist since they first arrived in New Jersey. Also they have to deal with cartoon ponies living in their home.

The series will start airing on TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo and streaming on Netflix in Japan on Q2 2021. MontalVue will simulcast the series in North America with international streaming on Netflix. The series is rated TV-14.


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Character Japanese Actor English VA
Yoshio Sugiyama Renn Kiriyama Lucas Gilbertson
Koyuki Sugiyama Yu Aoi Erica Lindbeck
Yuji Sugiyama Ryoka Minamide Cole Howard
Suzuko Mimori Jocelyn Loewen
Sora Tokui Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Izumi Kitta Erin Fitzgerald
Mikoi Sasaki Kelly Sheridan
Potion Nova Aoi Koga Chanelle Peloso


The series has been planned for four ten-episode seasons. The first season will run for ten episodes that will run for 45 to 55 minutes long.