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Harmony Unleashed Dark is an American anime-styled adult animated streaming television limited series produced by Hasbro's eOne Animation, Hollowfox Television Animation, Studio Mir, and Toei Animation for Netflix.

The series is set in the Harmony Unleashed Saga universe, marking the fourth animated series, as well as the second series to be exclusively released on Netflix and the first to not be fully produced in Japan. However, it will connect to Tempest: A Harmony Unleashed Production and it takes place before the events of Between Light and Darkness Parts 1 & 2.

The series will consist of two five-episode seasons running from 44 to 50 minutes long. The series will be streaming its first part on Netflix in August 13, 2021 with the second part coming in October 8 of the same year. The series is rated TV-MA.


After the events of Guardians of Equestria, Chris, Mikey, and Jennifer join forces with Princess Luna, Tempest Shadow and the Nightmare Knights as they go undercover to find the ones behind the energy heist for Cozy Glow and Grogar.


Character English VA Japanese VA Spanish VA
Chris Christopher Albistur Tsubasa Yonaga Marc Winslow
Mikey Michael Cadena Daiki Kobayashi Gabriel Ramos
Jennifer Jennifer Hernandez Risa Taneda Karina Altamirano
Princess Luna Tabitha St. Germain Yumi Uchiyama Laura Ayala
Tempest Shadow Emily Blunt Sanae Kobayashi Cony Madera
Stygian Bill Newton Kensho Ono Roberto Gutierrez
Grubber Michael Peña Katsunori Okai Victor Ugarte
Discord John De Lancie Shigeru Chiba Enrique Cervantes
Trixie Lulamoon Kathleen Barr Ryoka Yuzuki Leyla Rangel
Zecora Brenda Chrichlow Nao Fujita Gabriela Guzman
Nolan North Kenji Sugimura Idzi Dutkiewicz