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Harmony Unleashed: Guardians of Equestria Re:Animated (ハーモニーアンリーシュド エクウス戦隊: ジ・RE:アニメーション, Hāmonīanrīshudo Ekūsu sentai Ji RE:Animēshon, lit. Harmony Unleashed: Equus Sentai The Re: Animation)) is a Japanese-American anime original net animation series produced by Toei Animation, eOne Animation, Hollowfox Entertainment and animated by Studio Trigger for Netflix and MontalVue.

It is a reboot and retelling of the Harmony Unleashed Saga that retells events of the Guardians of Equestria Saga (films and series) with a few changes to a few events (including original characters and wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling) and including several seasons of 13-16 episodes.

The series is chiefly directed by Seiji Mizushima (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Full Metal Alchemist) with Tatsuya Nagamine (Dragon Ball Super: Broly, One Piece) and Yoshihiro Miyajima (Darling in the Franxx, Brand New Animal) directing the series, Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts) being the head writers, Akira Himekawa (Legend of Zelda manga) returning as a character concept designers with Yusuke Yoshigaki adapting the character designs for animation and will commemorate the Franchise's 10th Anniversary.

The series will be released on Netflix and MontalVue with the first batch of full-hour episodes set for a November 11, 2021 release. The series is rated TV-MA.


A retelling of the Guardians of Equestria arc, A young Ecuadorian boy from New Jersey witnessed the arrival of six ponies and a dragon from another universe and become friends, but when problems happen, they are the last hope of two worlds, especially when dealing with the situations outside of Equestria.




There will be confirmed to have a bunch of batches/seasons of 13-16 episodes for the series with full-hour episodes in mind and will be releasing on Netflix and on MontalVue in the Americas (United States, Latin America, Brazil and Canada) and Worldwide streaming release will be on Netflix. In April of 2020, Montalvo announced that starting with Season 3, Netflix and MontalVue will release the series by a 2-episodes-a-week schedule in order to "keep the talk going".

The animation direction and storyboard process will be made in Japan through both studios while the writing will be developed in the US as similar to shows such as Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (also a series produced by Toei and Netflix) and Cannon Busters (another anime produced by Netflix)


  • Music by: Hiroyuki Sawano, Yuki Hayashi, Takafumi Wada and Kohta Yamamoto
  • Music Producer: Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Music Production: Sony Music Japan
  • Music Production Co-operation: VV-ALKALINE, Toei Animation Music Publishing


Original Work Hasbro x Hollowfox Entertainment
Based on Characters Created by Lauren Faust
Meghan McCarthy
Original Story Supervisor
Executive Producer
Aaron Montalvo
Planning Kozo Morishita
Yutaro Ikegaya
Michael Lombardo
Hiroaki Matsuura
Masayuki Endo
Kohei Obara
Yoshitaka Hashimoto
Kenji Hamada
Yosuke Imai
Makoto Ohyoshi
Creative Producer Mikiel Houser
Takashi Washio

Yoshiki Usa

Producers Ryosuke Inagaki
Hayato Saga
Yoshi Ikezawa
Chinatsu Matsui
Shunji Aoki
Shunichi Taira
Akifumi Fujio
Therese Trujillo
Planning Supervisors Koichi Sakamoto
Brian Goldner
Adam McKay
Aaron Montalvo
Story Editor Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco
Structure Co-operation Christopher Yost
Kristle Peluso
Brandon Auman
Music Hiroyuki Sawano
Yuki Hayashi
Takafumi Wada
Kohta Yamamoto
Music Producer Hiroyuki Sawano
Production Supervisor Kevin Farrell
Ken Suetake
Animation Producer Kazuya Masumoto
Art Director Yuji Kaneko
Color Design Keiko Kai
Director of Photography Nozomi Shitara
Editing Aya Hida
3DCG Director Shinpei Ishikawa (Sanzigen)
Character & Pony Concept Design Akira Himekawa
Hero Concept Design Aaron Montalvo
Hideki Tajima
Animation Character Designer
Animation Supervisor
Yusuke Yoshigaki
Chief Animation Supervisors Sumie Kinoshita
Naohiro Shintani
Series Directors Tatsuya Nagamine
Yoshihiro Miyajima
Supervising Director Seiji Mizushima
Animation Production TRIGGER

Toei Animation

Production Co-operation AkaKen
Presented by Harmony Unleashed Production Committee
  • Entertainment One
  • AkaKen
  • Toei Animation
  • Ultra Super Pictures
  • Shueisha
  • Toei
  • Bandai Namco Arts
  • Bushiroad
  • Dentsu
In Association With Netflix
Montalvo Media Group
English Dub Production
Licensed by AkaKen USA (a Montalvo Company)
eOne New Media
In Association With HyperObject Industries
Executive Producer Haven Alexander (eOne)
Yuma Sakata (AkaKen US)
Brian Ash (Hollowfox Entertainment)
Consulting Producers Adam McKay
Kevin Messick
Producer Michael Sinterniklaas (NYAV Post)
Stephanie Sheh (NYAV Post)
Diana Gage (Ocean Productions)
Ken Morrison (Ocean Productions)
Emily Thompson (eOne)
Eliza Hart (HFX)
Casting Supervisor Kris Zimmerman Salter
Voice Director Terry Klassen (CA)
Karl Willems (CA)
Brittany Lauda (US)