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Hasbro Studios, LLC, tradefully known as Allspark, is an American entertainment production and distribution company and subsidiary of toy and multimedia company, Hasbro.

Allspark is Hasbro's production company is known for turning brands such as My Little Pony, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Littlest Pet Shop, Power Rangers, P.J. Masks, Peppa Pig, amongst other brands into live-action and animated productions through feature films and television series as well as game shows such as Family Game Night. It is part of Hasbro's Entertainment and Licensing Group family of subsidiaries next to its presumed successor, Entertainment One and Irish animation studio Boulder Media.

Allspark has three divisions: Allspark Pictures is the live-action label (formerly a co-financing/self-financing label for feature films from 2014 to 2017 where it's now a film studio), Allspark Animation is the animation label and Cake Mix Studios is the Rhode Island-based division for short-form content and commercial productions.

Hollowfox Entertainment and Allspark have collaborated for almost a decade for the Harmony Unleashed Saga.

Key Crew[]

  • Stephen Davis - President / Producer / Executive Producer | Allspark
  • Meghan McCarthy - President / Producer / Executive Producer / Writer | Allspark Animation (Left the company in 2019 due to work on Centaurworld for Netflix)
  • Paul Strickland - Production and Development | Allspark Pictures
  • Melissa Flores - Production and Development / Producer | Allspark Pictures
  • Haven Alexander - Producer | Allspark Animation
  • Colleen McAllister - Producer | Allspark Animation
  • Mikiel Houser - Producer | Allspark Animation
  • Kevin Farrell - Production Supervisor | Allspark
  • Greg Mooradian - President / Executive Producer / Producer | Allspark Pictures (film division) 


  • The company's current name is taken from a Transformers artifact known as "The Allspark"
  • The trade name used to be Hasbro Studios before the Allspark brand expanded beyond film in 2018 with Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. The trade name change was made in 2019.